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3 Steps to Find, Refine, and Share Your Message with the World

You have a message inside you right now that can change someone’s life – even the world. The problem, however, lies in you not knowing:
a. how to easily pull the message out of your mind for others to learn about,
b. how to express your message in a clear, compelling way for others to understand and get excited over, or 
c. how to share your message with others in a way that gets them to take action and tell everyone they know.
In this powerful presentation, Weston Lyon will help you solve all three problems and show you:
  • How to find and distill the message already inside you so you can share your message with the people who need to hear your message
  • How to find your voice and refine your message so you’re able to create a clear, compelling message that will make the most impact in the world
  • How to use the Butterfly Effect to change the world one person at a time

December 19th
3:00 – 5:30 PM

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