The All BS Fun Night is for Action-Packed, Comradery-Building, Plain-Old-Fun.

11258040_834200426656876_681927836560664234_nWe get that as a business owner, it is hard to turn the business brain “off” and have fun. That’s why we have a dedicated day each quarter that we spend just BSing and having fun! Events in the past have included escaping a jail cell at Daring Escapes Pittsburgh, Laser Tag, Mini-Golf, and Go-Kart riding.

No matter where it’s being hosted, something amazing happens when you are having fun with a group of like-minded business owners — you start to build trust and friendship. These two things are the foundation for a strong business and referral network (so yes, there’s a “business” application to these All BS Fun Nights as well).

In any case, these events are an excellent way to shut the business “off,” even for a few hours, and de-stress with others who feel the plight of the entrepreneur just as yourself.

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