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Since 2006 Becky Auer has been sharing her unique and outrageous marketing and business building strategies that helped her create 3 multi-million dollar businesses. Every month she’s shares ‘what’s working now’ with you -- for free. Sign up today!

 From Personal to Professional: Building Your Business Brand through Storytelling

Join Us for a No BS Masterclass on Brand Building and Storytelling! 

In today's competitive market, differentiating your business is more crucial than ever. "From Personal to Professional: Building Your Business Brand through Storytelling" is a No BS Masterclass designed to empower entrepreneurs and business owners like you to harness the power of your personal stories to craft a compelling and unique brand identity. Whether you are just starting out or looking to redefine your brand, this session will provide you with valuable insights and practical strategies. 

What You Will Learn By Attending: 

1) Identify Your Core Motivations: Uncover and articulate the foundational reasons behind your business initiatives. Learn how these motivations are linked to your personal story and how they can significantly appeal to and resonate with your target demographic. 

2) Develop a Distinct Brand Story: Master the art of weaving your unique experiences into a compelling narrative that sets your brand apart from the competition. This narrative will serve as the cornerstone of all your marketing and client interaction efforts. 

3) Apply Powerful Storytelling Methods: Equip yourself with effective storytelling strategies that will engage and captivate your audience, foster greater customer loyalty, and attract new business opportunities. 

This No BS Masterclass will empower you to leverage your personal journey to create a distinctive and impactful brand identity. Join us to transform your personal insights into a professional advantage. 

 Join us on Monday, May 27th from 3-4 pm EDT. Just register now at the link below! 

If you want the recording, you must be a Silver member or above and you can sign up here!

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Monday, May 27th

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The No BS Marketing Meeting is held the fourth Monday of the month.

It is a free, 45 minute virtual meeting to attend. 

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Join the No BS Marketing Email List Now

Becky Auer

Becky Auer is the former co-owner of Nakama Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar restaurant in Pittsburgh. Under Becky’s marketing leadership, the restaurant went from $0 to $6.5 Million in a little over a year & stayed there for 7 years. She is responsible for building their customer list to over 63,000 – enough to fill the Pittsburgh Penguins arena 3 x over – as well as helping the restaurant win over 64 People’s Choice Awards.

Becky has built 3 multi-million dollar businesses. She was proud to be awarded the Empowering Women in Business Award by Inspiring Lives Magazine and the Glazer Kennedy Insiders Circle Hall of Fame Award for helping hundreds of small business owners reach their goals through coaching. She is ranked #20 of the Top 200 Small Business Coaches in the World for 2017.

Becky runs group coaching and mastermind groups as well as private coaching, if there is an opening.

What people say

By attending the No BS Marketing Meeting each month I have put my business in overdrive! I leave each month with actionable items and a plan on what to do to move my business to the next level. I love being able to refer back to my handouts and the online recording of the meeting for clarification. By implementing what I am learning, my business has had over 13% growth for the year! That makes a HUGE difference to me and my family! Thank you and keep up the great work!



Very good marketing information and tools that actually work. It is also a mindset that is taught, in that as a business-owner, you begin to look critically at each and every marketing technique or practice that you follow. So, the goal is to pursue marketing efforts that actually work for your company. I would highly recommend it, as it has had a great effect on my law practice.



Becky is an amazing business woman, leader, innovator, mentor and all around nice person to work with. She always goes beyond the call of duty to help make you the best you can be. If you are looking to grow your business and get better connected I highly recommend you seriously think about joining her No BS Marketing Meeting of which I have been a member since 2012!



What You Will Learn In This Free Training:

Secret #1

Identifying your core motivation

Secret #2

Develop a distinct brand story

Secret #3

Apply powerful storytelling methods

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You’re probably coming to this meeting because you’re frustrated...

And no wonder!

Most business owners get into business because owning a business seems like it’s going to offer freedom – plus you have a passion for whatever industry you’re in and you know you can offer really outstanding services to your customers or clients. Does this sound like you?

Well, the trouble is the ‘freedom’ part of owning a business never seems to happen. In fact, you seem to be the one getting into your business first thing in the morning, leaving last at night, and never taking a vacation. Plus, it can be a nightmare trying to get customers through your door and spending their money with you.

Now, let me be frank so I don’t waste your time. This meeting is NOT for everyone. If you’re looking for a magic pill and you want freedom by only working the proverbial 4-hour workweek, then please know —that’s not real life.

Running and owning a successful business takes hard work. There, I said it.

However, if you’re the kind of person who has an open mind, is willing to learn and is a progressive thinker, then this meeting IS FOR YOU.

If you’re looking for the most up-to-the-minute advertising and marketing strategies to BOOST the profits in your business, if you’d like a dose of proven success that takes your thinking to another level... if you’re sick of all the watered-down, airy fairy BS information out there... and you want to get the real TRUTH from a 27-year direct response veteran who pulls no punches... then relax, you’re in the right place... and you’re my kind of person.

At the No BS Marketing Meeting we specialize in helping business owners become the business owner they’ve always dreamed of becoming. Every month I detail an EXACT Success System to get leads into your business, improve sales and make YOU the obvious & only choice to do business with.

Join us the FOURTH Monday of every month and learn a unique and outrageous marketing and business building strategy to skyrocket your business!

Register TODAY!

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