Increase Your Hourly Rate

Last week we started talking about how to increase your hourly rate.

Today, let’s continue our conversation with…
#2: Add More Value
The more value you add to your clients, the more you can charge.
The key is to think about how you can add more value for as little (to zero) extra work for yourself.
Let me give you an example.
A dentist friend of mine “upped his price per hour” because he decided to give each patient a new tooth brush, tooth paste, and floss each time they visited his office.
The extra cost on his end was minimal, but it added value in the patient’s eyes – justifying the investment to see him.
No one complained. And new patients actually thanked him for the free gifts. Go figure, right (haha)?
At the restaurant we always looked for little ways to add value and enhance the experience for our patrons.
Doing so allowed us to charge more. Which in turn allowed us to market more. Which allowed us to grow our business more. Which allowed us to profit more.
This “vicious” cycle allowed us to grow to $6.5 Million in just a couple years, and there’s no reason you cannot do the same thing!
Add more value and people will happily pay you more 🙂
Enjoy your week and talk to you on Thursday about another way to increase your hourly rate.

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