Have you ever picked tomatoes off the vine?

Have you ever picked fruit off a tree or vegetables off the vine?

When I was little, we had a neighbor with a huge garden who grew a variety of beautiful, tasty vegetables that his family would enjoy all summer long.
He’d even let me pick some fresh tomatoes off the vine and take them home for my mom to prepare.
I remember him showing me how to pick the best tomatoes. He’d say, “Do you feel this one. It’s nice and plump. Not hard like this one. Not green like this one. It’s red, plump, and perfect for you, bella.”
Your prospects are like those tomatoes in my neighbor’s garden.
Some prospects are ripe for the picking.
Some prospects are almost ripe, but not quite ready.
Some prospects are rock-hard and need much more time to develop.
That’s why it’s smart to have a lead generation offer and mechanism in place on your website.
Some prospects will come and buy immediately. They don’t need anything additional from you. They’re hot, ripe, and ready.
Others may want what you have, but they don’t trust you yet. They need a little extra to loving to ripen faster.
And some prospects are at the beginning of their buying cycle. You don’t have a chance with them yet because they are information seekers and need to study what’s available before they move forward.
Do you have an offer and mechanism in place to generate leads on your website?
Do you have a path for different types of prospects (ripe, almost-ready, and rock-hard)?
This may be the tactic you need to fully optimize your website.
We’re going to dive in and discuss this in depth at our meeting on Tuesday, March 29h.
In addition, Weston and I will show you the BEST tools to generate leads online, as well as the technology to make it happen.
Have a great weekend and talk to you on Tuesday!

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