Do You Have a Traffic Problem?

When I ask people about their website, they inevitably say, “I can’t get enough traffic to my website!”

The truth is: most businesses don’t have a traffic problem; they have a conversion problem!
You see, there is PLENTY of traffic online to fill your pipeline.
The problem most business have, though, is converting the traffic that comes to their site into leads or buyers.
Look at your own business:
How many visitors are coming to your website?
How many of those visitors are engaging you and converting into leads or sales?
This is the first step in determining the issue your website really has.
If you’re getting traffic and not converting it, then you have a conversion issue.
Sending more traffic to your site is NOT the answer. In fact, until you fix the hole in your leaky boat, I’d recommend NOT focusing on visitors and instead on sales copy.
Why? Because sending someone to a site that isn’t optimized for leads and sales is wasting your money!
Now, if you ARE getting traffic and it IS converting, then traffic may be your issue.
We’ll talk more about this on Thursday.
For now, look at your own business and see where the real issue lies.
Only then can you fix it and profit from it.
Have a great week and see you on Tuesday, March 29th for our No BS Marketing Meeting!

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