Do Your Customers Come First?

“Take away my buildings, my capital, my products, my staff, but leave me my customers and I’ll have everything else back in short order.”


These profound words came from Andrew Carnegie, captain of industry and philanthropist.


If everything were taken from your business, would you be able to “have everything else back in short order”?


If you can’t say yes to this, you need to find new customers.


Carnegie came to America from Scotland as a young boy in 1848. His family was very poor. But Carnegie was ambitious and opportunistic. He started out working in a cotton mill, laboring 12 hours a day, 6 days a week for $1.20 in weekly wages. He went on to work for the railroads and later made his mark in the burgeoning steel industry.


He built an empire by taking care of his customers. In his later years he gave away millions to charity and to create organizations dedicated to education, culture and the arts.


At a very young age Carnegie realized the importance of maintaining good relationships with customers.


He understood that having and getting “sustainable customers” is a crucial driving force in any business. The only real equity in 90% of all businesses is in its customers and relationships with them.


Carnegie was self-educated. You have a big advantage over him because you can attend our No BS Marketing Meeting on Tuesday, August 29th from 3-5:30pm and discover some critical business strategies that Carnegie had to learn on his own.


This month’s meeting will cover 8 specific strategies for business strength during a down economy. These methods will help you survive, and even prosper, despite all the challenges, obstacles and competition facing today’s small business owner.


The meeting will be held at Sigma’s Conference and Event Center.


Can’t wait to see you there!


Becky Auer


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