Can Selling Add Value?

Can you add value to your customers’ life by selling them something?

We’ll be exploring this topic in depth at this month No BS Marketing Meeting on Tuesday, September 26th.

For now, you should know that the answer is: YES!

Quick story…

When I first started running our monthly meetings, Weston was a member.

He came to the meetings, brought guests, and used what I was teaching.

Then…after a little while…I “sold” him into our Mastermind group.

Was he upset? No. He was thrilled.

You see, he wanted to grow his business and he knew that, “having more access” (to me) would allow him to do so.

[His words, NOT mine.]

Anyway, his participation in Mastermind not only helped him grow his business – but it led him to helping me now run the monthly meetings for over 7 years!

Point being: Selling isn’t a dirty word. Selling can actually ADD VALUE to someone’s life if you do it right.

We’ll explore this topic more at our meeting. See you then!


PS – Remember to invite some ‘like-minded’ folks to our meeting!

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