Simple, yet under-used

This week I want to focus on email as a tool to add value to your customers.

Email is a simple, yet under-used way you can add value to your NEW customers…

Helpful Tip Emails

When a new customer buys from you, what do you send them?

Do you do what most businesses do, and send them a confirmation of their order…and that’s it?

Or, do you do like the pros do and also send them emails on HOW TO USE the product or service?

For example, if you sell cleaning supplies, you can email your new customers every few days with a new way for them to use the product they bought.

Day 1 = Cleaning tips for the kitchen to eliminate germs and keep your family safe.

Day 3 = Clean the door knobs, remote control, and cell phones to stop “colds” before they stop you.

Day 5 = Cleaning tips for traveling to grandma’s, the Bahama’s, and anywhere else life takes you.

And, here’s a bonus for you…

If you know how to segment your customer lists, then you can even send specific segments specific messages to add even more value.

For example, you know one segment of your list is single guys. You could send them a message like this:

“The single guys survival guide to cleaning your bathroom and saving the date!”

The goal here is to email your customers helpful ways to use what they just bought.

That way they USE it and come back to you. And…they see you as unique, helpful, and fun to buy from.

Come up with some ways you can use this in your business and let me know when I see you on the 26th for the next No BS Marketing Meeting.


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If so…invite them to come with you to our No BS Marketing Meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 26th.

Remember, there’s no better way to build a relationship with a new contact than by going somewhere fun with them.

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