Proof that this really works

Like I said on Tuesday, this week is all about using email to add value to your customers.

Today…a powerful way to add value and position you as an authority!

Weekly Tips

By sending your prospects and customers HELPFUL TIPS each week, you add value to their life and position yourself as the go-to-guy (or gal).

Yes, very similar to Tuesdays talk, but way different because you can cover a wide range of topics (that are synergistic to yours).

For example, the emails I send you every week cover “marketing” but they cover a different piece of marketing (that match our theme for the upcoming meeting).

The fact that hundreds of business owners, like you, open and read our emails each week is PROOF that this works!

Plus, we have both members and guests referring their friends, associates, colleagues, and contacts to our meeting every month – 4 on average.

So…first, thank you!!!

Second, if you’re not sending weekly emails to your prospects and customers, why not?

You should be…and we’ll talk more about this at our meeting on Sept. 26th.

See you there!


PS – There is a right way and wrong way to send emails like we discussed above.

We’ll talk about the RIGHT way (and the WRONG way) to get you the best results at our meeting this month…

So plan on being there!

PPS – Don’t come alone, though. That’s no fun for anyone.

Bring a guest or two with you and add value to their business!

Plus, they’ll get to network with everyone…and who knows what will happen!

Thank you!

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