Most Marketers Woefully Underestimate _______.

Can you fill in the blank?

Most Marketers Woefully Underestimate ________:

A. Their Ability to Service Customers

B. Their Customers’ Ability to Buy More

C. Their Skill to Juggle Balls in the Dark

The answer, of course, is “B”.

Most marketers underestimate their customers’ ability to buy more.

You see, customers are the EASIEST people to sell more to.

They trust your skills.

They trust your judgment.

They trust you!

However, most business owners don’t offer enough products or services to their customers.

Now, I’m not saying to be annoying and offer things that they don’t need.

That’s silly and irresponsible.

But…what do you think would happen if you stepped up and found other products and services that your customers desperately need now?

Do you think they would buy it from you?

Of course they would. They need it. They trust you. All you have to do is offer it to them.

Today at the No BS Marketing Meeting we’ll be talking about this and much more – so don’t miss out!

We’ll see you then!


PS – Have you invited a guest to come with you?

Members invite guests…

Guests invite guests…

Everyone’s doing it….why don’t you invite someone right now?

Come on…you know you want to invite a guest 🙂

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