3 Steps to Find, Refine, and Share Your Message with the World

Did you know you have a message inside you right now that can change someone¹s life ­ even the world?
The problem, however, lies in you not knowing:
a. how to easily pull the message out of your mind for others to learn about,
b. how to express your message in a clear, compelling way for others to understand and get excited over, or
c. how to share your message with others in a way that gets them to take action and tell everyone they know.
At this month’s No BS Marketing Meeting, Weston Lyon is back as a special guest to help you solve all three problems and show you:
  • How to find and distill the message already inside you so you can share your message with the people who need to hear your message
  • How to find your voice and refine your message so you¹re able to create a clear, compelling message that will make the most impact in the world
  • How to use the Butterfly Effect to change the world one person at a time
Do not miss this presentation!
Invite your friends. Invite your colleagues.
Heck, invite everyone you know because you and your guests are going to learn the tips and techniques you need to grow your business bigger than ever – all while helping the people that NEED to hear your message.
We’ll see you on Tuesday, December 19th!
Becky Auer

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