What if Dan Kennedy was never born?

Dan Kennedy is a mentor of mine. I’ve been learning marketing strategies and tactics from him for over 20 years now.
His teachings have given me the ideas and actions I needed to change my businesses and life for the better.
But…what if Dan Kennedy was never born?
How would that have affected my business?
Would I have been able to grow my restaurant into a $6.5M business in a just over a year?
I don’t know. Maybe.
Luckily, I’ll never have to find out because Dan was born.
And Dan was gifted enough to figure out how to magnetically attract clients.
And Dan was intelligent enough to package his information and share it with the world. With me.
Do you have a mentor who’s made a significant impact in your life?
Let me ask you this: How would your life be right now if your mentor kept their knowledge and wisdom to themself?
The point is this: If you have something worthwhile to say, then you’re doing this world a disservice by NOT getting your message out there.
Now, you may be thinking: But how do you do that?
Well, I’ve got good news for you because on Tuesday, December 19th you’re going to discover the message inside you and learn how to share it with those who need to hear it.
You have a message inside you, and you were put on this earth to share that message.
Your message can change the world – just like Dan Kennedy’s message has changed my life and yours.
Weston Lyon will be presenting!  Invite your colleagues and we¹ll see you on Tuesday, December 19th at 3PM!

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