A confused customer never buys

Without a doubt, THE MOST valuable skill you can possess in business (maybe even life) is the ability to communicate clearly.
Have you ever heard the axiom: A confused customer never buys?
It’s true. When a prospect is confused, they don’t take action and buy.
So, to make sure this never happens, we have to tell our prospects EXACTLY what we want them to do.
The same is true for any message we’re trying to convey.
If we’re attempting to persuade someone, we have to be crystal clear in our communication.
If we’re trying to debate with someone, we have to hone in on a single idea and not chase squirrels.
If we’re attempting to teach someone, we have to focus our words on what matters most.
However, knowing how to communicate with others can be tricky.
But have no fear! Because…
On Tuesday, December 19th, we’re going to show you how to clearly communicate your message with your ideal target audience, so you can make a difference in their lives and grow your business.
See you there!
P.S. Let me be clear…I want you to invite ONE new person you’ve met this year to our event.
First, they’ll appreciate the invite.  And its free to attend for first time guests!
Second, you’ll look really good in their eyes (which if you play it right can lead to new business).
Last, the bigger our membership, the more money YOU and EVERY OTHER MEMBER makes.

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