Want to know the biggest mistake you can make?

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to….
Creating content or writing copy is….
NOT refining your message.
Listen, there are a lot of people who have good ideas.
However, it’s the people who hone their message and refine their message that change the world.
Your message must be thought out…widdled down…and crafted to be clear, concise, and compelling if you want it to be powerful.
Think about a magnificent statue like Michelangelo’s David.
Do you think Michelangelo just “hacked” away at the marble?
He had an idea in his head which require a massive piece of marble.
Then, he began to sculpt and chisel away.
Finally, he polished the masterpiece to reveal David’s true beauty.
Your ideas must be handled with the same level of care and persistence.
Only then can you take your ideas and turn them into powerful messages.
Do you want to learn the secret to refining your ideas into clear, concise, compelling, powerful messages?
Then, meet us at Sigma’s Conference & Event Center  on Tuesday, December 19th for our last No BS Marketing Meeting of the year.
See you next Tuesday!

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