Well HELLO 2018!!!

I hope you have a great holiday and New Year and are ready to get more productive and have more focus in 2018 so you can take your business to the next level!

So, I’m going to give you some tools, apps, software and strategies as we build up to the meeting!  Then, when you attend IN PERSON I will gift you a tool to keep track of your new focus and productivity.  So, let’s get started!

1. Start with the Most Important Productivity Strategy

Before installing any productivity tool, first determine which part of your business you need to systematize and hand off. Look for the most:

  • Time-consuming part of your business
  • Energy-draining tasks of your business
  • Area of your business where you lose the most money
  • Area of your business that makes you feel as if you’ve wasted hours

Start with a productivity tool that takes care of the most urgent areas—be that scheduling, customer support, billing or all of the above—and fit your solution to meet that need with as few tools—or steps—as possible.

2. Stop the Endless Cycle

Do you buy course after course, promising yourself you’re going to “master” an area of your business that is not second nature to you? Do you have courses and eBooks on your computer that you’ve never completed (or perhaps never even started?)

These are big clues to your ‘weak’ areas—the ones you should waste no more time on, but immediately outsource or automate.

3. Learn to be Mindful and In the Moment

If you’ve made a commitment to be more aware of your business overview and stop those self-sabotaging habits, then pay attention to that commitment. If you find yourself doing time-waster tasks on autopilot, or spending hours trying to tweak one headline, or letting time slip away on Facebook—stop. Take frequent reality checks during the day. Get up from your computer, and take a moment to appreciate the weather outside (bad or good); the comforts of your office; even the fact that you are alive and breathing.

Doing this can help you break bad habits—as long as you make this your new habit!

Ok, that’s enough for today!  I’ll pick back up in the next email!  

For now, go forth and conquer!  

Your fearless leader,


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