Ok, picking up where I left off on productivity and how to increase your focus, let me share more tips for you:

Underestimate on Purpose

Perfectionists have a lot of bad habits. The worst one? Being a perfectionist! LOL.  I suffer from this myself!   So, if you are in the same boar, stop overestimating your ability to be super-business owner!  Keep your to-do list essentials simple: No more than three key tasks per day. Then time those three things; at least for a few weeks.

After you’ve finished this experiment, start allotting a time frame to each task, based on the actual time-frames.

And if something takes too long? Automate or outsource!

Sync Your To-do List with a Scheduling Software or Calendar

Reserve some appointment slots for yourself, to accomplish tasks you have to do yourself.

Hire a Coach or Join a Mastermind Group

Yes, this applies to you!   Invest in coaching for yourself, zeroing in on problem areas and increasing productivity in areas you didn’t even realize were problems.  My local Mastermind group does JUST that for my members!  So, consider joining a mastermind group or get personal coaching just for you to help you take your business to the next level quicker!

Create Templates and Checklists for Recurring Tasks

Checklists and templates provide a quick way to make sure you create consistency in your content and communications.

They also save time, and allow you to hand off completion to assistants.

Plan Your Schedule at the End of the Day

That way, when you sit down at your desk the next morning, you’ll feel prepared and be focused and ready to go.

To that note, make sure to put the No BS Marketing and Business Building Meeting in your calendar for Tuesday, Jan 30th from 3-5:30pm!  

Can’t wait to see you there!


PS Don’t forget to invite your business owner friends to attend!  First time guests are FREE!

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