Ok so I am back to it! Yup, here are some more tips, tools, apps, software and strategies you can use to be more productive and have more focus in your business!

Remember, when you attend IN PERSON I will gift you a tool to keep track of your new focus and productivity.  (yes, that means I would REALLY like you to show up at the meeting!  Ok, let’s get started!

Plan to Repurpose Everything

Every step you take as a coach—down to even making mistakes—is fodder for sharing. So make sure you take notes, keep a daily journal and/or record as much as you can, keeping in mind how to repurpose it later.

Shut All Your Browser Tabs Down

We all do it—have a gazillion tabs open while working. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and muddled, shut them all down and start afresh.  (this KILLS me by the way.  I am the WORST at it.  Collin and Weston always laughed at me because of all my tabs open so I, too, a work in progress!)

Now, if you really want to save items, use Evernote and its “Clip to Web” extension to quickly save your tabs for later, or copy-select images or bits of text from your online research.  For those who have been around for a while you know I LOVE Evernote!

Do Your Most Important and/or Most Unpleasant Task First

Procrastinators do the most important or most unpleasant task last.

Do these tasks first and get them out of the way, and you’ll be more energized as you step into the rest of the day.  I promise!  It works!

Make sure to put the No BS Marketing and Business Building Meeting in your calendar for Tuesday, Jan 30th from 3-5:30pm!  

Can’t wait to see you there!


PS Don’t forget to invite your business owner friends to attend!  First time guests are FREE!

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