So, as you know by now, this months meeting is all about being productive and having more FOCUS!  Here are some additional tips for you!

As you start reading this email about being productive, know that I am on the Marketers Cruise learning all sorts of new stuff that I can share with you at the No BS Meeting on Tuesday, Jan 20th.  So, right now, I may be sitting on the deck, getting sunburnt and have a big ‘ole margarita with old friends and new friends!

But I am there for YOU!  Only for YOU!  So I can learn more and bring back new strategies and tips that I learn to make your business even more successful!  

So, as you know by now, this months meeting is all about being productive and having more FOCUS!  Here are some additional tips for you!

Learn to Use Macros and Keyboard Shortcuts and Fixes

Every time you learn to use a new macro or keyboard shortcut—record it! Keep them in a page at the back of your journal or in a file right on your desktop. (This is especially important for those macros, shortcuts and fixes you only use occasionally, so that you don’t have to look them up all over again.)

Use a Central Password Manager

If you’re not already doing so, take the time to sign up for either LastPass or RoboForm password manager. After you’ve set it up, any time you add a new site and create a password, LastPass will offer to save it for you.  I love LastPass and don’t know what I’d do without it.

Another bonus:  you only ever have to remember one central password (for your password manager). And you’ll never have to reset your other passwords multiple times or hunt around for the latest version again.

Try Coach.Me

An easy way to analyze your daily habits is to use the free habit tracker app. No more keeping time sheets, or writing in notepads. No more journaling your habits.

It’s available for both Apple and Androids, so you can auto-track yourself anywhere.

Now that’s productive!

Break Major Goals into Tiny Bites

It’s far easier to reach the other side of the country one step at a time, rather than focusing on how far away and unreachable it feels.

Celebrate each step, and celebrate key milestones along the way even more. Do that Happy Dance!  And remember that even the most famous musician in the world had to learn to keep at it, and learn one lesson at a time.

Ok, that is it for today!  This is actually turning out quite nicely and I think I’ll turn this into a free report!  What do you think???  Should I?

Make sure to put the No BS Marketing and Business Building Meeting in your calendar for Tuesday, Jan 30th from 3-5:30pm!  

Can’t wait to see you there!


PS Don’t forget to invite your business owner friends to attend!  First time guests are FREE!

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