Well HELLO end of January!!!

Were you more productive and are you having more focus in 2018 so you can take your business to the next level?   As I mentioned in the last email, as you read this I am on the Marketers Cruise with over 450+ small business owners networking like crazy, playing craps and having a blast.

But since I love you so much and am so appreciate of you supporting me and the No BS Marketing Meetings year after year, I will not stop until my productivity tips are done!  Or until I see you at the meeting!  So, here we go….., more tools, apps, software and strategies as we build up to the meeting!  Then, when you attend IN PERSON I will gift you a tool to keep track of your new focus and productivity.  So, let’s get started!

Get Up An Hour Early

“If I only had an extra hour a day”, you may have said. So make one! Get up an hour early (even two or three hours early, if you can hack it) and see what you can accomplish when the world is quiet and everyone else in the house is still asleep.

(This is a tip enthusiastically espoused by many proactive millionaires.)

Untrain Your Brain

We have now hard-wired ourselves, quite literally, to multi-task—something that as of recent years has been venerated.

Psychologists have proved that multi-tasking dissipates energy and makes us feel duller and more confused later in the day. Furthermore, multi-tasking drops IQs by an average of 5 points, according to one source.

Focus on one task at a time, and shut off (and out) all other distractions.

Shop Online as Much as Possible

While shopping may be relaxation for some people (like me on Black Friday with my girls), it’s sheer drudgery and time wasting to others. If that sounds like you, remember that even your grocery shopping can be done online (and delivered to your door)!  All hail Giant Eagle!

Keep your personal activities that really count and enrich your life—like going to your daughter’s hockey game or going for your morning run—but get rid of the tedious stuff. “Outsource” it!

Keep Things Fun

It’s not rocket science to note that we humans tend to abandon activities or tools that are stressful, difficult or boring. No matter what new habits or tools you decide to use to increase productivity, make sure that you find them easy to adopt—and fun to use.

Productivity is really just another way to make sure your quality of life—as well as your business and your relationships with others—rocks. Being truly productive keeps you energized, inspired and heading straight towards your dreams.

Let me help you keep your dreams a reality!  Join me at the next No BS Marketing Meeting and bring friends!  It is on Tuesday, Jan 30th from 3-5:30pm at Sigmas Conference and Event Center!


See you then!    


Becky Auer

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