I have a million ideas…..now what?

Having a million fabulous ideas, but no consistency plan will set you up for failure. At this months No BS Marketing Meeting, we are focusing on success and creating a plan that works for you and your business.   Rule #1:  you need consistency. Planning a schedule and a plan to fit in time to create content is imperative.

Ideas are wonderful to have, but unless you organize them, they often get put on the

back burner and sometimes they don’t even come to fruition. But if you plan for

consistency and factor in the time needed to complete and achieve your goals, then

your ideas turn into actions, and your actions will turn into results.

How do I know this?  Because I have been running the No BS Marketing Meetings since 2006.  Yup, each and every month!  So I know a little about being consistent!!!  And, at this month’s meeting we will be discussing “How To Create Engaging Content For Your Blog (or anywhere else) Without the Overwhelm.”  A big part of that is having a consistent plan!

Don’t miss it!

Becky Auer

Please bring a friend!  First time guests are free!

And when you attend IN PERSON, I will ‘gift’ you a 19 page Step-by-Step Planner to Use.  This is a $97 value.  Yours free when you attend.

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