The No BS Marketing Meeting is the ONLY Meeting in Pittsburgh that Hosts a Monthly Emotional Direct Response Marketing Seminar that Teaches YOU How to Put More Money in YOUR Pocket!

We are so happy you are considering joining us at our next meeting!!! We understand how busy you are and how valuable your time is. That’s why our meetings are so jam packed with money-making and profit-producing information…because we know that when you leave the house or office, fight traffic, and come to a meeting you want to get your money’s worth. That’s EXACTLY what you’ll get here. No BS. No fluff. Just “what’s working now” marketing ideas to help you generate more leads, convert more sales, and catapult your profits!

What to Expect:

Our No BS Marketing Meeting runs from 3:00 – 5:30PM. Again, we know how busy you are, so rest assure we will end on time! Also, we understand it can be nerve-wracking or intimidating to walk into a new environment, so here’s a quick agenda to calm your nerves:

2:30 – Networking and Sign In

3:00 – Meeting Begins

3:10 – 5-Second Introductions

3:15 – Marketing Presentations Start

3:35 – New Member Introductions & Referral Gifts Given to Qualified Members

3:40 – Marketing Presentations Continue

4:10 – Group Activity (Everyone Receives 8 Minutes to Work On Their Business with a Group of 5 Attendees)

4:50 – Member Spotlight

5:00 – Guest Presentation & Orientation

5:30 – Meeting Ends

5:40 – VIP Meeting Begins (For VIP & Mastermind Members Only)

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