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Congratulations, you are invited!

Become a Mastermind Member
with No BS Marketing!

Mastermind Facilitated By Pittsburgh’s Only Certified Business Coach Rated #20 in the World, Becky Auer

Membership Limited to just
Members for 2020

"The Mastermind can be defined: Coordination of knowledge and effort
in a spirit of harmony between two or more people, for the attainment of definite purpose.” - Napoleon Hill


You maybe thinking..

How is this Different than the local No BS Marketing Meetings?

The membership will be comprised of local chapter members and business coaches working with Becky who want to go beyond their participation in the chapter and VIP meetings in order to both learn and apply more of the marketing, wealth building, business building and entrepreneurship techniques taught. We will offer ‘hotseat’ participation where you work directly ON your business with help from other like- minded members each month.

How A Mastermind Continues to Help Me?

“I have been involved in mastermind meetings for over twenty years. When I first opened Nakama, I jumped into a restaurant mastermind group! I waited six months BEFORE joining this group, however. If I had joined mastermind before opening Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, I would have saved myself well over $148,000 in marketing mistakes. The information, products, and group synergy were invaluable to me. I had two situations that I was in ‘crisis’ mode. Thankfully, I had joined my mastermind group and I knew where to turn. These wonderful people gave me feedback, support and answers in a time when I had nowhere else to turn. Simply a priceless tool when I had absolutely NO restaurant experience starting out. Now, I attend a mastermind group to keep my marketing ‘sharp’ and my eyes and mind forward! I love it and recommend EVERYONE be in a mastermind group – whether its ours or not!” ~Becky Auer

The benefits to you:

  • Facilitated, accelerated learning and application of emotional direct response marketing

  • A Mastermind Group Experience: Creative thinking multiplied

  • Peer Advisory ‘Sounding Boards’

  • Learning practical solutions to common roadblocks

  • Opportunities for co-operative alliances with other members

  • Monitoring your progress and accountability with each other

  • Encouragement and connections with like-minded people who share visions of growth and prosperity

  • Gaining inspiration from those individuals who have already achieved success

  • Group reinforcement and creating a network of resources, contacts, referrals, and connections

  • Raising your income, your productivity and your fun

  • Supporting and encouraging peers within your group

  • Finding a place to celebrate your successes, where everyone appreciates what you had to do to get there

  • Having the opportunity to double your income, double your time off and double your speed to financial freedom by participating in the No BS Marketing Mastermind Group

  • Establishing your position for future Mastermind and Coaching Programs

  • Here is What You Will Experience:

    • Twelve No BS Marketing Mastermind Group meetings each year, facilitated by Becky Auer

    • The No BS Marketing Mastermind Group meetings will run from 8:30am to 1:00 pm.

    • Each member will get time to present accomplishments and talk about business strategies, marketing materials or personal items they need help or guidance on.

    • A 15-minute coaching call once a month with Becky.

    • Marketing critiques monthly.

    • Some meetings may possibly have a guest expert or vendor.

    • Periodic mailings of new discoveries, articles and information.

    • A maximum of 8 members.

    • The group is based on a program designed and developed by Dan Kennedy designed around the success of Dan’s 25 years of leading Mastermind Coaching Groups.

    • Each member needs to view this as a one-year commitment. While you may certainly cancel with 30 days notice if this turns out not to be for you, please understand that the power and effectiveness of the group results from the candidness of the conversation as we all get to know each other at this very new and unique level.

    • Everything that goes on in Mastermind is confidential. You may talk about anything in your business as well as your personal situations.

    • Who Should Participate?

      This group is for any type of business, consumer, B2B, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, professional practice, as well as, information marketing and publishing. In other words, entrepreneurs who are honestly open-minded with a progressive attitude belong here. If you are in search of… the best marketing and wealth creating strategies for your business including systems and marketing – along with networking with smart people who understand your kind of marketing and an opportunity to walk away with new breakthroughs and business makeovers, then this No BS Marketing-based mastermind coaching group is for you.

      Who Should NOT Participate?

      If you are set in your ways, are fearful of change or if you are satisfied or ‘married’ to your present advertising or marketing. If you have no need or desire for increases in income, wealth or business value and are opposed to sharing with others.


      Our commitment is to bring together like-minded and results-focused business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals who will be sharing their experience, support, knowledge and abilities to help motivate others in a synergy only possible in our group of members who know that nothing happens until something gets implemented.

      Guarantee of Value

      Attend your first No BS Marketing Mastermind Group. If you do NOT agree it’s a valuable experience you want to continue with, you may drop out immediately after that first meeting, and pay nothing further. Also, you may cancel your membership and drop out of the group at any time with 30 days notice. You continue as long as you are receiving great value.

      The Investment

      For only $297 per month you will gain access to our No BS Marketing Mastermind Group. Undoubtedly the next mastermind group will increase in price as demand continues. Be sure to jump on board and secure your pricing for the whole year.

      Note: There were requests to bring an additional person to the Mastermind Group. If you would like to bring an additional person, we will allow it at a reduced rate of $75 per meeting as long as room permits and it is pre-approved. This person should be either a:
      1. Key Person 2. Partner 3. Spouse

      Yours for a better AND more profitable business,
      Becky Auer
      Pittsburgh’s Only Certified Business Coach Rated #20 in the World !

      Meeting Place:
      North Hills at my studio…9572 Perry Hwy, Pittsburgh PA 15237

      Casual. Be comfortable.

      Your breakfast and lunch will be provided as well as coffee, teas and water. If you want
      anything other than that, please feel free to bring it with you.

      A Little About Becky:
      Becky is ranked #20 of the Top 200 Small Business Coaches in the World as well as a national keynote speaker,
      coach and author. Becky was proud to be awarded the Empowering Women in Business Award by Inspiring Lives
      Magazine and the Glazer Kennedy Insiders Circle Hall of Fame Award for helping hundreds of small business
      owners reach their goals through coaching.

      Becky Auer has 28 years of ‘eat-what-she-kills’ sales, business building and marketing experience. She has started
      3 multi-million dollar businesses. Her last business, Nakama Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, went from $0 to
      $6.5M in just over a year and she kept it there for 7 years until she sold it.

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