Our Team

Becky Auer, Head Honcho/6.5-Million Dollar Woman

Becky Auer has started and built three multi-million dollar successful, profitable businesses.  The last was Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar in Pittsburgh PA.  The restaurant was the result of an established restaurant owner seeking her out for partnership, which she entered into under the caveat that he did not question any of her marketing and that he would restrict his role to operations. After 7 years, Becky sold this $6.5M a year restaurant.  In that time, she built a list of over 63,000 unique customers, won over 64 People’s Choice Awards, and ran 6 to as many as 14 promotions during each month, produced a monthly print newsletter, and weekly promotions. Becky is a principal in a new business where she helps business owners help each other grow their business, while at the same time generating a tax-free retirement for themselves and their families using licensing through a patent-pending Exchange. She is also a business and marketing strategist and the GKIC Certified Business Advisor in Pittsburgh. She’s led over 100+ workshops, bootcamps and seminars to business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as running VIP groups and Platinum mastermind groups.   Becky was recently named as an Elite Executive Coach and certified as a ‘top one percenter’ in the coaching profession.  She is also a sought after keynote speaker and an author. Becky is a single mom of two girls and is a very active fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.14.23 PMCollin Stover, Operations Coordinator

Collin Stover is a Web Designer & Internet Marketer, author of 6 books, and the Operations Coordinator of the No BS Marketing Meeting. He oversees many of the back-end processes of the No BS Marketing Meeting, and also designed this Website. When he is not busy making business owners and entrepreneurs look irresistible on the Internet, he is playing video games with his fiancee, Kaelin; mountain biking; painting; or geocaching.