Pro Grow Video Studio


We’ve invested nearly $200,000+ in our high-definition, broadcast quality studio equipment. It is perfect for high quality webinars with up to 1,000 participants. It is also perfect for high quality videos to influence your prospects or train your team. Any of whom can be brought onscreen ‘live’ if they have a webcam attached to their computer with a microphone. Of course, they can also use ‘chat’ to communicate, too. Having the capability to engage your audience in real time with voice and video will make your courses, coaching, training or marketing webinars more dramatic and effective.

Our studio uses the same Tricaster multi-channel equipment all major broadcasters use (ABC, CNBC, CBS, CNN, ESPN). Newtek’s Tricaster equipment is the industry gold standard.

The studio is a 3-camera facility. Above each camera is a tally light. Tallies are the lamps that light-up when the camera is broadcasting or recording. This allows all onscreen talent to know where to look when they are presenting.

There are five (5) teleprompters throughout the studio. There is a teleprompter over the lens of each of the three (3) cameras. You can read your script right into the camera for perfect eye contact with your viewers. Additionally, there is a teleprompter stage left and stage right for side-by-side scripted interviews between talent who are both live in the studio.

We have three (3) large ‘Confidence Monitors’ allowing you to see the broadcast as you’re airing or recording videos. You’ll stand or sit in front of a thirty-five foot (35’) green screen that wraps around the set. The Confidence Monitors allow you to watch the finished broadcast the way your audience is seeing it live.

We can put you in front of any background, including a full motion video background to make your webinars or videos really pop. For branding or personalization purposes we can put you in your medical clinic or other professional setting; or, your latest retail concept; your manufacturing plant; car dealership; or, anywhere else. Anything you can imagine, we can do for you.


Our studio also has Tricaster’s Talk Show rack mounted Skype interview module. This device allows you to have live remote interviews on set. This is how news broadcasters interview a correspondent or guest who is on assignment somewhere in the world.

Talk Show removes the ‘Skype’ logo from the screen and also stabilizes the picture. Then our producers will put you in a double box or split screen. Just you and your guest onscreen for back and forth interviews. We’ll cut to full screen and switch between you and your guest (or their onsite remote location) for that pro news broadcast feel.

To do this, the on-air, in-studio talent, wear IFB ear buds (‘interruptible foldback’). That means no feedback in your ear when you talk to someone on location. These are the in-ear devices you see on national news anchors. They look a little like Secret Service communication ear buds with the clear curly tube going over the ear of the agents when guarding officials in public.

What does this mean to your business? You can interview a top author in your field and elevate your standing in your profession. This is a technology allowing you to borrow the status of another industry thought leader, influencer, author or celebrity to improve your standing.

Video post-production can be handled by an editor of your choice. We can supply the raw footage to them and you polish the final print locally. Or, we can handle that detail with our own editing staff.

Lastly, our studio is in a wooded setting in the heart of Pittsburgh’s North Hills in a lovely overgrown cottage residence. The studio itself occupies just seven hundred square feet (700SF). It’s small and intimate and you’ll have all the time you need to relax before shooting and between takes. You’ll feel like you’re in your own home, relaxed, and in control with a small staff dedicated to making you comfortable and capturing your best influential you!

For more information about studio usage, feel free to contact me. Becky Auer
[email protected]