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    Becky Auer

    Business Development & Authority Marketing Specialist

    You’re probably coming to this meeting because you’re frustrated…

    And no wonder!

    Most business owners get into business because owning a business seems like it’s going to offer freedom – plus you have a passion for whatever industry you’re in and you know you can offer really outstanding services to your customers or clients.

    Does this sound like you?

    Well, the trouble is the ‘freedom’ part of owning a business never seems to happen. In fact, you seem to be the one getting in to your business first thing in the morning, leaving last at night, and never taking a vacation. Plus, it can be a nightmare trying to get customers through your door and spending their money with you.

    Now, let me be frank so I don’t waste your time. This meeting is NOT for everyone. If you’re looking for a magic pill and you want freedom by only working the proverbial 4-hour workweek, then please know —that’s not real life.

    Running and owning a successful business takes hard work. There, I said it.

    However, if you’re the kind of person who has an open mind, is willing to learn and is a progressive thinker, then this meeting IS FOR YOU.

    If you’re looking for the most up-to-the-minute advertising and marketing strategies to BOOST the profits in your business, if you’d like a dose of proven success that takes your thinking to another level… if you’re
sick of all the watered-down, airy fairy BS information out there… and you want to get the real TRUTH from a 27-year direct response veteran who pulls no punches… then relax, you’re in the right place… and you’re my kind of person.

    At the No BS Marketing Meeting we specialize in helping business owners become the business owner they’ve always dreamed of becoming. For only $20 a month, we will detail an EXACT Success System to get leads into your business, improve sales and make YOU the obvious & only choice to do business with.

    What people say

    "Our recent marketing success (Secret Santa campaign, Shout Out Campaign, contest entry forms, email direct marketing, Giant Christmas Stocking, Facebook Messenger campaign and Be A Hero Campaign) has everything to do with the absolutely wonderful marketing consultant we brought on early in November 2019. Her name is Becky Auer and she was the very successful owner of Nakama in South Side before she sold, having grown and maintained a SIGNIFICANT gross revenue over her six year tenure. You can learn more about Becky in the link below, thank you so much for your hard work – we’re so excited you’re on board!"


    Owner, The Vault Taproom

    "This lady gave... in just 2 minutes... 3 GREAT tips that, once again, ANY business can use to grow, and gave examples of how those ideas are currently working in a brick and mortar business that she previously owned. You get to know this gal, and you'll have more practical, useable and immediately implementable ideas than you can imagine. She's fun. She's smart. And it's darned obvious that she knows what she's doing. Awesome stuff!"


    Owner, Topline Business Solutions

    "Becky has helped me a lot! But one thing that worked in the first month or 2 was taking food into offices I called on. All of a sudden people weren’t unhappy to see a stranger walk into their office. By using the handouts that Becky provided, I was able to walk in to a number of offices with something fun to talk about.
    Most of the time the foods were not super expensive, maybe $5-10 per office. The first office to give me a call with a job was about 3 weeks after my first visit. It was a relatively small job and we did a good job to get our foot in the door. Our return on investment (maybe $20-30 on food), was about $3000.I will be using her marketing handouts and food every month now to keep us familiar with existing referral sources and to meet new ones!"


    Co-Owner, PuroClean of North Pittsburgh

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